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Oman Tours Packages

Oman is a culture and heritage heaven. It has become one of the favorite+ traveler’s attractions. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman shares its borders with U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. You can Book some of the best Oman tour packages to explore this beauty.

It’s always a good time to enjoy the beauty of this country with us as your tour operator around the year. The temperature reaches as high as 45c in the country. The high areas such as Jabal Akhdar and Dhofar remain moderate with occasional rainfalls. but still, we suggest, the best time to visit Oman is between October to February. During these months, the temperatures are warm, between 17c to 35c so it’s comfortable to enjoy your vacation in Oman.

The summers start here from May to August. It’s not advisable to visit Oman. As the hot weather makes the air dry and doesn’t support a good day trip or sightseeing.

Starting from September to November, this season gets a bit cooler and gets relief. Makes it easier for travelers to enjoy the beauty. Lasting from September to November, this is the season when the hot sun starts to relent and the weather turns a little bit cooler, with a cool breeze from the mountains bringing relief.

The most favorite tourist season in the winter in Oman. The temperature is between 15 to 25c and gets chilling at night. This is when you can enjoy the water activities and the deserts as well. Make sure you book your tour itinerary in advance as it’s the busiest season of the year.

The spring season is from March to May, the climate starts to get hot. Especially the desert. It’s a good time to holiday in the mountains as it’s cooler compared to the lower areas.

Muscat Orient Tour (Half Day)


Muscat in the night (Half day)


Traditional and Modern Muscat (Full day)


Muscat & Fort Nakhal (Full day)


Treasures of Batinah region: Fort Rustaq & Fort Nahal (Full day)


Famous strongholds – Nizwa,  Bahla,  Jibrin (Full day)


Nizwa & picturesque foothills (Full day)


Jeep Tour Nizwa & Grand Canyon (Full day)


Jeep Tour to Jabel Akhdar (Full day)


Jeep Tour to Sinkhole & Wadi’s (Full day)


Jeep Tour to Wahiba Sands and Wadi Bani Khalid (Full day)


Jeep Tour to Wadi Bani Auf and Bilad Seet (Full day)


Dolphins watching


Dhow boat sunset cruise


Muscat coastal cruise


Oman has direct connections with international air networks, with the national carrier Oman Air and Salam Air, or through major airlines like Emirates, Qatar airways. Europe, Africa, and Australia have nonstop flights to Oman. There isn’t any hassle of changing flights to reach here. We – your tour operator will make sure to plan your holiday according to your comfort.

To travel by road is possible through U.A E borders. There are private bus companies which run between these countries. Bus services are even to Nizwa and Salalah from Dubai.  The roads r well maintained so driving makes it comfortable for travelers.

In the heart of the country, Wahiba sands is an ocean of dunes. That doesn’t seem to end. The gold color at the noon changes colors between yellow and copper during dusk. dune bashing, camel rides, and sand boarding are some fun activities on this trip. O you can just watch the sunset on top of a dune and capture this mesmerizing moment in your memories. A unique experience for a night that can be added to your itinerary. it’s just a 3-hour drive from muscat hosting luxurious camps at your comfort level. A good trip with family and friends.

This village is situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters on Oman’s highest mountain range and is home to the. Grand Canyon in the middle east. It is known for its plantation of pomegranates and roses. It is one of the best places to produce pomegranates in Asia and the middle east. along with traditional Omani architecture, this village offers a feel of Oman from a different angle with breathtaking views of the canyons. It’s known for its adventurous hiking trips as well. many hiking lovers around the continents visit Jabal Akhdar for this experience,

Oman’s capital – Muscat is a scenic city with many forts. The main city from where you can start all your tours and cruises. The main attractions are  The sultanate’s palace –  Al Alam Palace is a must-see along with Bait Al Zubair at walking distance.. public beaches like qurm beach, fins beach or bimah sinkhole for a swim, picnic to relax your time. Other attractions to see in Muscat are the Royal Opera House, the mall of Oman, the waterfront, and the wave. Not to forget the Muttrah souk and corniche.it is in the heart of Muscat with the traditional local markets.. from spices to antique everything related to culture can be seen in the souk

Masirah Island is a mesmerizing island tucked in the Arabian peninsula. With its beautiful fjords, it’s indeed a paradise .this island can be reached through a ferry ride from shines. You can enjoy dolphins and turtles at the beach as well. A must-visit destination during your vacation to Oman.

No trip to Oman would be complete without visiting the “Land of Many Vistas,” Khasab at Masirah islands., popular for the majestic Jebel Al Harim that features fossils embedded into the rock. The 17th-century Khasab Fort built by the Portuguese is yet another sight to see, as are the Fjords of Musandam, where you can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc. Dolphin watching is also a well-known activity here.

With the most amazing views in the town of Quriyat. Around an hour’s drive from Muscat city is Wadi Dayqah Dam. This Dam is built at a great height and as a dam means water reservoir. It’s a very important dam for the areas in Muscat. It’s the highest dam in the country and is a part of an 8 km long lake.

Enjoy a Cruise in Musandam:

The cruises in Musandam are a great way to enjoy the entire day on a boat full of people, with good food and music being played, as well as the chance to enjoy shopping at a few beaches and enjoying snorkeling and swimming over there. Activities like banana boat rides are also available, as part of most Oman trip packages.

Visit the longest beach in Oman:

The longest beach located in the city is Al Qurm beach. Ideal to spend a day at the shores or just walk along the coastline. With restaurants located to enjoy your favorite food by the coastline.

Go on a Fort tour in Oman:

Oman is a land famous for its architecture and culture. The major part of it is the forts. Some famous forts are Al Jalali fort, Nizwa Fort, and Rustaq fort. If you are a history lover, these forts are a must-visit on your list. There are several gigantic, well-built forts in Oman, such as the Al Jalali Fort, Nizwa Fort, and Nakhal Fort. If you are a history or architecture buff, then these forts are sure to be an absolute delight for you.


A nature lovers treat, Salalah is a scenic city with the gorgeous Mughsail Beach, the vast spread of coconut, and banana plantations, and Jebel Samhan which is home to  Arabian leopards. Historical sites to visit in Salalah are Taqah Castle, Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Nabi Imran Tomb, and the souk which sells local antiques.

Camel meat is a must-try for tourists who love to explore traditional food.

The best time to visit is August to October as it welcomes the Khareef season. It is the most important season in the middle east. Where the monsoons start and the rains are welcomed. Many travelers from Muscat as well as other middle eastern countries make sure to visit every year and enjoy the greenery.

Jabal Akhdar:

If you are a hiking soul. Jabal Akhtar is a paradise for hiking lovers. There are wild trails and hilly paths to experience the beauty of the picture square mountains, and canyons.